This is your resource for designing a more simplified life of lasting habits that you actually want while having fewer mom break downs

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Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or tired of trying to make progress towards aspirations?

We've been there!

And we want to help you through the same steps and methods we have followed as a busy moms, wives, and entrepreneurs to create a simpler, happier, healthier life.

Be More Productive

Does your to do list seem never ending. You mark things off all the time! But that list still defeats you at the end of the day.

Our lives are drastically calmer l than they used to be - including our routines, homes, hearts & minds.

Be Happy as a Mom

Happiness isn’t about having everything put together - it’s about finding what excites you. 

Having habits that take care of you & support your values help you be the happy mom that your kids want to connect with.


Be Healthier 

Let’s set you of for success to have the energy that you need as a mom & to feel positive with your health (this is different for every mom but most moms can agree that THEY are last on the list on this topic)

You deserve to feel good!

This course is for the mom that is stressed out every night when she lays her head on her pillow.

Frustrated that she is exhausted & feeling like she made no progress on her to do list, didn't give the attention to her kids like she hoped and can't remember the last time she did something for herself

That's ME!

Meet Your Coaches


Linda is a mother of 8 children (ages 21-36 yr), she knows how to design systems that work (and how to get her kids to do what they need to do – a  real-life behavior change lab).  Linda’s expertise includes behavior change in the world of health and wellness.  She has a masters in Health Promotion and Exercise Physiology.

Brittany is a mom of 6 kids (blended family ages 4 mon-16 yr). She has gone from stay at home mom to working moms, single mom and back to married mom (stay at home again) with a newborn. She has learned how to modify habits & structure as life changes. Brittany's expertise has been in the fitness industry as a pro fitness competitor & personal trainer.

You will walk away with a specific method (backed by science) and confidence in your abilities to design goals that you want & you WILL BE successful

I Need This!

All the momlife tasks can add up

And then having the desire to change behavior?! And new habits?! 

It can really make you want to just stay in bed... WELL that's where we come in. 

Wake up. Do this habit:
"After my feet hit the floor in the morning, I will say it's going to be a great day" 

Then push play on a lesson in the course. Taking tiny steps will change your mindset & help you accomplish more without overwhelming yourself further (we teach you how)

One day I was explaining to my sister (once again) how frustrated I was that I was exhausted everyday & not excited to go to bed at night 


I was just going to wake up, feed the kids, clean the house & stay stuck spinning in circles.

I had made a vision board. It was so pretty but there was a gap between what I had on there & where I was. I had no system to achieve those aspirations. 

 This is insane... I got annoyed hearing myself complain.

I looked at the pictures I had up there and thought about what I had learned with Tiny Habits. Designing small behaviors everyday that I have a method to follow through on has gotten me the outcomes I pinned on that board this year (first time in YEARS of making vision boards)

Listen to this working single mom & how Tiny Habits made her life easier


Become the mom that is full of energy & excitement when you wake up because you have designed your habits to have an amazing day not a day run by chaos 

"What has surprised me the most is my almost immediate desire to meditate longer. I am fighting it off at the moment. Usually a 5 minute meditation seemed daunting." 


What Will You Learn in the Course?

Module 1

How much better would you feel of you won the day when your feet hit the ground in the morning?

You don’t need motivation to make change?

We will explain why

Module 2 

Wave a magic wand & your aspiration happens?

Almost, we will teach you how this exercise works

Stop dreaming of those goals & let us show you why that doesn’t work BUT a hands on mapping lesson does

Module 3

Design habits you actually want & that will stick in less than a week!

What are the ingredients to designing your habit?

There are only 3.

Simple right?


Module 4 

Bridging the gap between the method & how to apply i

It's irritating when you learn a bunch of cool stuff but aren't sure how to make it work for your life.

We don't want that!


Kids Module: Set them up for success at a young age.

Our middle schoolers & teenagers have made positive changes on their own after learning the simple Tiny Habit® methods. They even learn how to modify habits that aren't working the first time so that they achieve their desired outcome.

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